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about the artiste
I am an unapologetic collector of crap...a junk junky...a human magpie. Yes, there’s junk in my trunk. And in my closet. And in the shed. And under the house.

Old buttons, vintage photos, orphan earrings, broken necklaces, cracked dishes, discarded clothing, doors, windows, dressers, boxes, shells, feathers, rocks, marbles, doll parts, glass eyes, bones...you get the idea.

This affliction started at an early age, when I would stuff all my toys and treasures into my clothing. Like some weird little 5-year-old leprechaun, I was always gathering booty for my pot o’ gold. Then, while the other little children played outside, I would spend the afternoon arranging and rearranging my stuff.

Over forty years later, I am still constantly picking up flotsam and jetsam – okay junk – wherever I go. School? Work? Who cares? I just saw something shiny in the gutter!

My husband groans every time I drag another “find” home. My friends dump their trash at our front door. My brothers shout ““Pretty! Shiny! Caw! CAW!” every time I pick something up off the street (which is often.) Let’s just say: I have a reputation.

What’s a girl to do? I had to become an artist before my junqué habit threatened to take over my life.

As an artisté, not only do I get to express myself creatively, I get to use recycled junk, which is
environmentally friendly. Bonus!

My work comes from life experiences, good or bad. Every piece tells a different story. Please take a look. Let me know if you see anything you like.

Because you know...I need to make room. For more junk!